Artistic Perspectives beyond data frontiers


  • Jessika Khazrik (Artist and curator)
  • Aram Bartholl (Artist – via Skype)
  • Farah Khelil (Artist)
  • Valerie Cordy (Performer and Director of La Fabrique de Thêatre)
  • Jean-Marie Dallet, (Researcher, Paris 8)


from 17:00 to 20:00


Salle Triangle
Centre Pompidou

Indeed, the question of privacy is inspiring a lot of creations in literature, movies, performances and digital art. In our automatized society, privacy has an economic value for platform capitalism in a Web producing what Antoinette Rouvroy calls “dividuals”, calculated individuals without subjectivity. In the context of the Nextleap program dedicated to cryptology, we explore what is exteriorized beyond the intimate: the extime, which will be explored by B. Stiegler in the following session in the context of what he calls a new libidinal economy. This obsession with encryption and data has now begun to influence artists such as Aram Bartholl who recently hand-printed his public PGP key on canvas, in a piece called 0xE818D7C8. In fact, cryptography and art have intersected on several occasions in galleries especially from Switzerland to France. A flurry of shows showcasing crypto art have had artists use everything from PGP keys to steganography in their images. Ever since Johannes Trithemius wrote the first book on cryptography in 1518, artists have been inspired to encrypt images. Our session also intends to tackle how artists consider the treat over personal data and surveillance and how we may consider the artistic dimensions of data and metadata.