NEXTLEAP Videos and other resources.

Presentation at IMMWorld, Harry Halpin

October 5th 2017

Harry Halpin presented on “The Next Revolution in Security Standardization: Beyond the Crisis of Cyberwar, Mass Surveillance, and DRM” at Internet and Mobile World. Bucharest, Romania.

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Presentation at PETS, Marios Isaakides

July 20th 2017

Marios Isaakidis presented on “Systematizing Decentralization and Privacy” at the 17th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. Minneapolis, United States.

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Interview for GnuPG, Ksenia Ermoshina

June 10th 2017

Ksenia Ermoshina was interivewed about NEXTLEAP, activism, and GnuPG.

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Presentation at EuroUSEC, Ksenia Ermoshina

April 29th, 2017

Ksenia Ermoshina presented a paper entitled “Can Jonny build a protocol? Coordinating developer and user intentions for privacyenhanced secure messaging protocols” at the European Usability and Security Workshop (EuroUSec 2017), Paris, France.

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Easterhegg 2017 (Frankfurt), Holger Krekel

April 16th, 2017

2h session “towards automatic end to end mail encryption”

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Internet Freedom Festival 2017, Holger Krekel

March 8th 2017

2h autocrypt intro + user/feedback session and problems with PGP, email-encryption … Holger Krekel together with Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Xenia Ermoshina and others

View session page "Autocrypt: Email-encryption for everyone!", Holger Krekel

January 25th, 2017

2h Autocrypt + e-mail encryption session with developers and public audience

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Autocrypt intro at 33c3, Holger Krekel

December 28th 2016

Holger Krekel presented “Autocrypt: Email-encryption for everyone”

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Presentation at 33c3, Bogdan Kulynych

December 28th 2016

Bogdan Kulynych presented ClaimChain as “Decentralized PKI system based on blockchains”.

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"Opportunistic e-mail encryption" at 33c3, Holger Krekel, Volker Birk (pEp) and Neal Walfield (GPG)

December 28th 2016

Holger Krekel took part in a panel on opportunistic email encryption with Volker Birk (pEp) and Neal Walfield (GPG). Hamburg, Germany.

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NEXTLEAP: sécurité des données nouvelle génération., Harry Halpin

October 11th 2016

Interview with Harry Halpin on NEXTLEAP

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Introduction to Cryptography, Paris, France, Nadim Kobeissi

Fall 2016

Taught by Nadim Kobeissi (INRIA) at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (CNAM).

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OpenPGPConf 2016, Cologne, NEXTLEAP and Automatic end-to-end encrypted emails, Holger Krekel

September 8th, 2016

“Automatic end-to-end email encryption with ‘inline keys’”

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Materializing governance by infrastructure, Track 1, 4S/EASST Conference, Francesca Musiani

August 14th, 2016

Francesca Musiani blog post

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Pharmakon Summer Academy 2016 (IRI), France, Raphaële Javary (IRI)

August 4-17, 2016

“Capacitation and empowerment”

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Pharmakon Summer Academy 2016 (IRI), France, Geert Lovink

August 4-17, 2016

“About platform theory. Discussion with Nick Srnicek”

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Pharmakon Summer Academy 2016 (IRI), France, Nick Srnicek

August 4-17, 2016

“About platform capitalism”

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Pharmakon Summer Academy 2016 (IRI), France, Bernard Stiegler

August 4-17, 2016

“Thinking the care with Marx into the coming exosomatization”

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International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design, Harry Halpin

August-September 2016

Harry Halpin presented a session on “Decentralization Privacy and Security” (D2.1).

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Presentation at HotPETS, Harry Halpin

July 22nd 2016

Harry Halpin presented a paper entitled “The Responsibility of Open Standards in the Era of Surveillance” at the 9th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs 2016), Darmstadt, Germany.

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1st Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Privacy (ISP 2016), Nijmengen, the Netherlands, George Danezis

July 10-15th, 2016

George Danezis,“Privacy-friendly smart metering, insurance, and other services” and “Anonymous communications beyond Tor”.

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The 3rd OpenPGP Email Summit (Dreieich), Holger Krekel

July 9th, 2016

Talk about NEXTLEAP and “provider mediated keys” approaches

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Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy, Sibenik, Croatia, Carmela Troncoso (IMDEA)

June 5-10, 2016

Carmela Troncoso (IMDEA),“Introduction to Traffic Analysis.”,

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Strategic nation-state attacks on proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, George Danezis

May 30rd, 2016

George Danezis’ blog

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IACR Summer School on Blockchain Technologies Corfu, Greece, George Danezis

May 30th-June 2nd, 2016

George Danezis (UCL), D2.1 work “Decentralization as a privacy-enhancing technology” presented to about 200 researchers and IT industry people.

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Remarks on Viber Message Encryption, Nadim Kobeissi

May 4th, 2016

Nadim Kobeissi’s blog

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The Poverty of “Crypto and Empire”: Against a narrowing of the politics of cryptography, George Danezis

April 7th, 2016

George Danezis’ blog

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Computer and Network Security, MIT, USA, Ron Rivest

Spring 2016

Computer and Network Security, MIT, USA.
Spring 2016.
Intensive course by Ron Rivest.

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The Social Construction of Trust in Cryptographic Systems, George Danezis

February 3rd, 2016

George Danezis’ blog

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Presentation at 32c3, Holger Kreke

December 27th, 2015

Holger Krekel presented a talk entitled “Hacking EU funding for a decentralizing FOSS project: Understanding and adapting EU legal guidelines from a FOSS perspective” at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany.

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Presentation at ENMI 2015, Harry Halpin

December 14th, 2015

Project coordinator Harry Halpin presents the NEXTLEAP Project at ENMI 2015 in Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

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Project Presentation Slides,

NEXTLEAP Project presentation slides.

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Project Factsheet,

NEXTLEAP’s official project factsheet.

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