Decrypting Algorithms (2017)

28.03 What is "good encryption"? A pragmatic turn from a tool-centered to a user-centered approach
Ksenia Ermoshina (CNRS), Francesca Musiani (CNRS), Mykola Kostynyan (Digital security trainer and expert, ISCproject)

19.04 Cryptography and Usability
Joseph Bonneau (Standford University), Nadim Kobeissi (INRIA), Ksenia Ermoshina (ISCC/CNRS)

18.05 Decentralized systems and new urban territories
Bernard Stiegler - IRI, Franck Cormerais - Bordeaux-Montaigne University, Etudes Digitales, Julien Rossi - UTC

28.06 Decentralized certification and blockchain systems
Christian Fauré (OCTO Technologies, Ars Industrialis), Adli Takkal Bataille (La voie du Bitcoin), Lyse Brillouet (Orange Labs), André Reinald (PeerStorage, former Mozilla)